DakoCytomation Flourescent Moutnting Medium



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Intended use
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Reagent provided 15 mL of fluorescence mounting medium containing an anti-fading agent and 0.015 mol/L sodium azide.
Precautions 1. The device is not intended for clinical use including diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring of a disease state,
and it must not be used in conjunction with patient records or treatment.
2. For professional users.
3. Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment to avoid eye and skin contact.
4. Unused solution should be disposed of according to local, State and Federal regulations.
Store at 2–8°C. Do not freeze.
Application Fluorescence Mounting Medium enhances the visualization of specimens when viewed under a fluorescent
microscope. The unique formulation of this product retards the fading of fluorescence allowing the specimens
to be reviewed long after mounting.
Slides that are mounted with Fluorescence Mounting Medium and stored at 2–8°C in the dark preserve their
fluorescent signal for at least one month.
Fluorescence Mounting Medium dries completely when slides are coverslipped forming a solid coating that
facilitates handling and storage.
1. Dispense one or two drops of Fluorescence Mounting Medium onto tissue sections or cell preparations
which are mounted on a glass microscope slide.
2. Apply glass coverslip over Fluorescence Mounting Medium and allow the medium to spread evenly over
the specimen.
3. Slides may be examined immediately under a fluorescent microscope. However, the coverslips should not
be moved as mounting medium will not completely solidify for several minutes.
4. For long-term