Red Retrobeads™ IX


规格:100 µl

品牌: Equl


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For Reliable, Robust Retrograde Transport, There's Only One Choice: RetroBeads™ from Lumafluor.

RetroBeads™ from Lumafluor--the original microspheres for retrograde tracing and the only microspheres proven effective where it counts: in your experiments. Green and Red fluorescent RetroBeads™ are available exclusively from Lumafluor. 

Do not be misled by the unsubstantiated claims of other suppliers! 
No matter what they call their products, only Retrobeads™ from Lumafluor have been proven effective by hundreds of published papers in systems ranging from invertebrates to primates, and everything in between.
Lumafluor Retrobeads™:
  • Highly confined injections--superb for detailed connectivity studies.
  • Persist indefinitely (> 1 year!) in living cells, nontoxic.
  • Compatible with most other anterograde tracers, in situhybridization, and immunohistochemsitry.

Retrosphere™ Color:  Excitation Max (nm)  Emission Max (nm)
 Green  460 505 
 Red  530  590



Retrobeads™ IX: Retrobeads™ deliver bioactive agents (such as neurotrophins and neurotransmitter agonists/antagonists) to localized regions; retrograde transport allows determining which neurons were exposed to the agents [Riddle et al. Nature 378:189, 1995 and Quattrochi et al. Science 245:984, 1989].

Retrobeads™ IX are specially prepared to facilitate adsorption of proteins and other bioactive compounds. Retrobeads™ IX are also more effective tracers in primate systems than standard Retrobeads™.