Nanoject II 纳升级微量注射器主机

英文名:Nanoject II Auto-Nanoliter Injector


品牌: Drummond


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· 全自动微处理器控制显微注射器准确的处理纳升级液体的精确分配
· 遥控控制和非旋转式活塞设计确保精确极小量注射时避免细胞破裂
· 注射器容量:2.3-69.0 nl
Fast 46 nL per second
  Slow 23 nL per second
注射速度 Fast 46 nL per second
  Slow 23 nL per second
倒空速度 Fast 230 nL per second
  Slow 92 nL per second


· 注射针头为硼硅酸盐玻璃毛细管,软化点780°C
· 配合安装显微操纵器(加配Universal Adapter 3-000-024-A)
· 脚踏开关方便了手的操作。
· Nanoject II Auto-Nanoliter Injector主要用于卵母细胞,晶胚和组织的注射。
· 每套Nanoject II Auto-Nanoliter Injector附带有200个硼硅酸盐玻璃毛细管,保养包。
Nanoject II Variable Volume (2.3 to 69 nL) Automatic Injector with Glass Capillaries (220 V) , CE Euro Plug
3-000-002-KN 垫圈套装1
3-000-002-K4 垫圈套装2
3-000-027 30标准针头2’’
3-000-000-203-X 活塞金属丝
组合一览:Nanoject II 纳升级微量注射器只包含主机价格,万能头和底座需要另配


Nanoject II Auto-Nanoliter Injector

  • Automated microprocessor controlled Microinjection Pipet delivering precise nanoliter volumes accurately
  • Remote control and non-rotating plunger eliminates vibration allowing precise injection minimizing possible cell rupture
  • Selectable Injection Volumes: from 2.3 nanoliters to 69.0 nanoliters in 16 increments
  • Selectable Operating Speeds:
    Fill Speed Fast 46 nL per second
    Slow 23 nL per second
    Injection Speed Fast 46 nL per second
    Slow 23 nL per second
    Empty Speed Fast 230 nL per second
    Slow 92 nL per second
  • Supplied with sufficient borosilicate glass capillaries for preparing 400 injection tips, standard softening point 780°C
  • Can be mounted on most micromanipulators
    Note: Universal Adapter 3-000-024-A supplied with unit
  • Separate Foot Switch available to allow hands-free operation

Each Nanoject II Auto-Nanoliter Injector comes complete with 200 borosilicate capillaries that can be pulled to the required tolerance together with a back filling needle and maintenance kit.

Catalog Information

Cat. No. Description
3-000-204 Nanoject II Variable Volume (2.3 to 69 nL) Automatic Injector with Glass Capillaries (110V)
3-000-205A Nanoject II, 220V, CE, Euro
3-000-206A Nanoject II, 220V, CE, UK

Note: Universal Adapter supplied with all the above units

Replacement Parts


Cat. No. Description
3-000-002-KN O-Ring kit for Models 204, 205A, and 206A includes: 1 collet, 1 small O-Ring, 1 spacer, 1 compression O-Ring, and 1 Allen wrench
3-000-027 30 gauge, 2" Backfilling Needle
3-000-000-203-X Pointed Plunger Wire

Replacement Glass Capillaries

Cat. No. O.D (mm) Length I.D. (mm) Pack
3-000-203-G/X 1.14 3.5" 0.53 100
3-000-203-G/XL 1.14 7" 0.53 100

This equipment is ready for use as received. It does require pulled capillary tips. It is essential that only the capillaries supplied or exact replacement capillaries are used for pulling micropipets.


  • a. Injector head with cord.
  • b. Control box.
  • c. Power supply with cord.
  • d. Capillary glass; 2 vials of 100 pieces per vial:

1.( 3.5" capillaries, 100 pcs. (Cat. No. 3-000-203-G/X)

2.(7.0" capillaries, 100 pcs. (Cat. No. 3-000-203-G/XL)

  • e. Replacement O-ring kit with collet, standard. (Cat. No. 3-000-002-KN)
  • f. 1 Allen wrench for replacing wire plunger.
  • g. 1 30g x 2" needle for backfilling pipets. Cat. No. 3-000-027


The injector head should be mounted in a suitable micromanipulator or stereotaxic unit. Marzhauser model MM33 is quite suitable and frequently used. The aluminum barrel with the Drummond logo, provides an ideal clamping surface. Its diameter measures 11mm.The precise operation of the Nanoject II depends greatly on the use of tips prepared from the glass provided. We cannot guarantee that glass micropipets pulled from capillaries with other dimensions will work. Never attempt to use micropipets pulled from filament glass. Damage to the wire plunger will result and injection volumes will not be accurate.

Micropipet Pulling and Backfilling

The Nanoject II requires the use of pulled micropipets from the glass provided. Ideally, the tip size should be 10-30 microns in size. The capillary glass provided is produced from N-51-A material and has a softening point of 780º C. Many researchers pull the tips and then break them off with forcepts. This enables piercing the cell membrane much easier with no skipping. Once the tips are pulled, they must be "backfilled" with oil (or other non-compressible fluid) before attachment to the injector. Silicone or mineral oil is frequently used. Backfilling is facilitated by using the 30g x 2" needle and a syringe. Disposable spinal needles are also frequently used.





1 Wire Plunger Removal

2.Wire Plunger Replacement

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